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Our Name

PATTERN5 began as an inkling without form. But ideas need names so we combined two thematic concepts.

First patterns.  Patterns are everywhere, from nature to software to language.  Our relationship with them defines us as humans and we are inherently biased towards pattern recognition - it’s  why the Canon moves us musically and why we see Orion as a hunter in the night sky.  

As for 5, it’s a number with many properties from the number of Platonic Solids to the senses to the quintessence -- that elusive fifth element uniting earth, wind water and fire.

Most importantly, it reminds us of the five fingers that make us human and that magical loop that is created between hand and eye when we see our hands in VR - an instant awareness of self that reminds us we can connect with others and change the world.

Also, wasn’t available but pattern5 was.  So there you have it.