Lawrence Wilkinson is Chairman of Heminge & Condell(H&C;), an investment and strategic advisory firm, and Co-Founder of scenario planning pioneer Global Business Network (GBN), both based in San Francisco. Through H&C, Lawrence is involved in venture formation work, and as a director and counselor to a number of companies that he helped create, including: Colossal Pictures, Wired, Oxygen Media, Design Within Reach, Ealing Studios, Mindswarms, and Public Bikes. At the same time, Lawrence continues to offer strategic counsel to a number of corporate clients and governments around the world with which he has worked for years, among them Capital Group, Wiley, The Walt Disney Company, Ford, BBC, CPB, PBS, NPR, IBM, Apple, Proctor & Gamble, the World Economic Forum, and the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. Named a “Jedi Knight of Innovation” by Fast Company, Lawrence is a widely consulted/cited source and frequent speaker on strategic issues; he serves as a director of not-for-profits Landesa, Institute of the Future, Common Sense Media, Public Radio International, New America Media, Public Architecture, and Global Lives; he is an advisor to the Libraries at Oxford and Harvard Universities; he authors two blogs, (Roughly) Daily and Scenarios and Strategy, and can be found on Twitter at @roughlydaily.