Designing the future



PATTERN5 is an investment and advisory firm working at the intersection of the virtual and physical world.  We are driven by the belief that the next decade will bring profound changes in the way we live, work and learn.

Whenever a new frontier is opened, explorers need information, tools, partners and financial backing. PATTERN5’s mission is to convene and nourish an expert network able to decode the present market and create the experiences of the future.

This constellation of companies and individuals shaping the future of reality includes the creators of some of the world's most famous VR companies from Second Life to Unity, Hololens to Magic Leap, Upload VR to Apple.

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We actively seek Holy Grails.  These are companies and ideas that are inevitable and meaningful.  

We call our approach "reality hacking"; imagining a precise end goal and working backwards to choreograph the products, events and introductions needed to make it so.

Early indications suggest it works.

Microsoft Acquires Simplygon, January 2017


Our network is designed to help clients PATTERN5's clients rapidly solve wicked problems with maximum impact. 

Our members range from renowned Hollywood directors, hackers, entrepreneurs, game designers, illusionists, and computer scientists. Many have day jobs.  Some are well-known; others only to connoisseurs.

The Network is by invitation only but if you're like minded with a world-changing project, we'd like to hear from you.